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I hold supervision as one of the most important aspects of our practice.

It is the main way we monitor our work to ensure it remains ethical, professional and effective, protecting both ourselves and our clients.

Clinical Supervision

Many supervisees’, especially in the early days of their training, are often somewhat fearful of supervision. I know I was. Past experiences of the supervisory relationship can invoke memories of embarrassment and shame.

I really value my work as a supervisor, working with individuals and groups, either qualified counsellors/ psychotherapists, or those who are on placements in training, bringing  the TA philosophy to my supervision work – I’m OK and You’re OK, (and the client is OK), and enjoying sharing my knowledge and experience with my supervisees’ and inevitably learning from them too – a two-way process. Supervision sessions are always rich in self-awareness and development for all who participate.

Individually or in a group in this safe and non-judgemental space, you can use ‘super-vision’ to explore your practice around;

Issues of ethics, safety, theory, ways of working, personal development and many other aspects of your work with clients.

For TA trainees specifically, why not join a supervision group to explore where you are at in your training journey, gain confidence in your practice.

These small groups, (maximum of 3 people), will facilitate your learning by bringing audio recordings of client work along with sharing many tips and hints on essay writing and preparation for exams.

Cost: £50 for a 3 hour session.

Contact me to discuss your supervision requirements - sessions from £40

“By being vulnerable, either with yourself or in the presence of another person, that’s where all growth and ultimate well-being comes from.”


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