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Recently I carried out the regular wing clipping of my flock of chickens, to prevent them from flying too high over the fence into the clutches of my neighbour’s dog; a fate that has befallen two previous victims.

I also spent a fair amount of time attempting to unblock a paper jam in my office shredder.

I frequently use metaphor and analogies in my work and even more so, since Covid struck, I have enjoyed the luxury of more time to reflect and make use of these.

While carrying out above two, seemingly quite unrelated activities of wing clipping and paper jam unblocking, I was pondering on how my supervision practice and philosophy links with both, as they presented their different challenges, required skills practice, dedication and patience.

I recall from my own experiences of personal supervision, particularly at the beginning of my psychotherapy training, how challenging it was to tolerate what sometimes felt to me frustrating, confusing and even threatening interventions from my supervisor(s).

However, within the development of the secure authentic relationships forged between my supervisor(s), myself and my clients, (who of course are all ‘in the room’ during supervision sessions), the outcomes of the learning from these experiences was invaluable in my development as a practitioner.

I’m sure if my chickens could have spoken during their necessary ordeal, they would have asked, “Why are you putting us through this?” and I would reassuringly explain,

“To protect you so that you can have the freedom to roam safely.”

The unblocking of the shredder offered another perspective as to how I might think of the processes of supervision.

I had started the task of clearing the paper jam feeling frustrated and unsure – not knowing how, or even if, I could repair it

Gradually I was able to unblock the tangle that had developed within and free the potential to work more effectively while being mindful of safety while working with the intricate machinery.

If you like the sound of the way I understand and practice supervision and would like to chat more about chickens, shredders or booking a supervision consultation session, please feel free to contact me.

I have a particular interest in working with supervisees who have dyslexia, (officially diagnosed or not). jan@therapyworks4u.co.uk