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I’m really excited to let you know of an article I recently had published in the Transactional Analysis Journal.

Conducting this very personal and emotive piece of research that forms the basis of the article, reignited my passion to support and work with people who have experience of dyslexia, either as clients, trainees or supervisees.

Here is the abstract of the article and a link to the full piece.


Dyslexia causes difficulties in reading, writing, and information processing and is known to impair academic performance unless adaptations are made to the teaching and learning environment.

This article explores some of the ways currently practicing transactional analysts who are dyslexic recall and understand their experiences from the earliest recognition of their difference in being dyslexic, through their training, and into their current work life.

The authors have investigated the impact of having dyslexia on the training and practice of five transactional analysis psychotherapists using a qualitative approach. The participants were interviewed and the data analyzed using thematic analysis. The results indicate further research would be beneficial to facilitate a deeper understanding of the impact of dyslexia and to facilitate appropriate support for both trainees and qualified psychotherapists.